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How do I earn money with PollApp?

1. Signup quickly

Sign up quickly and easily from our app. It only takes a few minutes!

2. Answer surveys

Answer surveys and earn. The more surveys you answer, the more money you get!

3. Get paid

Withdraw your earnings directly to your paypal account. You get it instantly!

What are paid surveys?

There are many different companies that want to test their products, upcoming ideas and innovations in a test market before launching them on the market. They often turn to panel companies such as PollApp to conduct surveys. We then present the surveys to our users and pay a small reward for participating. All rewards can be paid into your account!

We also offer competitions for those who complete the most surveys or invite the most users. In these competitions you can win great prizes, which we pay out every week!

  • Rewards are usually between $0.1 to $5 per survey.
  • The surveys are usually between 5-30 minutes long.
  • Our payments are automatic directly to your paypal account.